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Ethiopia has huge potential for trekking. Trekking can be organized efficiently in those trekking destinations such as The Simien, Bale Mountains and other National parks for nature enthusiasts and trekkers interested in Fauna, Flora and spectacular sceneries.

The Ethiopian landscape is dominated by the volcanically formed Ethiopian highlands. The central plateau isolated on three sides by low lying semi desert or desert has an average altitude of above 2000m and includes 20 peaks of 4000m or higher. The highlands are bisected by the rift valley which starts at the Red Sea, then continues through the Danakil Depression and through southern Ethiopia to Mozambique in southern Africa. The most extensive mountain ranges on the highlands are the Siemens in the North and Bale Mountains in the south.

Therefore, the followings can be included in the category of Adventure tour.

Water Rafting in Ethiopia
Danakil Depression (Afar Dallol & Ertale Volcano)
Mountain Cycling
Filming in Ethiopia


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