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Festivals and Unique Holidays


Ethiopia has a number of festivals and holidays almost throughout the year starting with the Ethiopian New Year falling on Meskerem 1 or September 11. September is the beginning of the harvest season and a time of parties and weddings. Ethiopia’s public holiday can be divided into three categories: National secular, Christian orthodox and Islamic holidays. Some of the country’s major colorful orthodox festivals include Timkat/ (Ethiopian Epiphany), Meskal (finding of the true cross), Genna (Christmas), Fasika (Easter), kidus yohannes (new years day falling on september11,Maryam Zion, Kulubi Gabriel and Gishen Mariam. Islamic holidays include Eid Al fatir, Arafa, Eid Maulid (the prophet birthday). The exact dates all vary from year to year depending on the lunar calendar and many others. The Muslim holy places of SOF Omar and Negash attract Muslim pilgrims from different parts of the country.

Huge crowds arrive to pray for their health, for a new baby, for a special favor, for a good harvest, or to give thanks for wishes already granted.

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