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Natural Attractions

Ethiopia’s elevated central plateau covering half of its surface area and supporting over half of its population is the most extensive fertile land in east Africa. The highlands have a remarkable biological endemic species including large mammals such as Red fox, mountain Nyala, Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboons, Menelik Bush Buck. Semen Mountain ranges is one of Africa’s largest ranges studded with at least a dozen peaks topping 4000m mark. This includes Ras Dashen (Dejen) the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth highest in Africa. Bale mountain Ranges are peaked by mount Tullu Demtu the second highest point in Ethiopia. The main attractions of both mountain ranges are wild scenery, Endemic species of flora and fauna. The country has also Deserts stretching from the base of the central plateau to the Kenyan, Somali and the Red Sea boarder but they are sparsely populated and have negligible impact on the life of most Ethiopians. Most of these deserts are unlikely to be visited by tourists but some such as The Danakil region (off the beaten track destinations) is emerging as one of popular attraction sights in Ethiopia. The deserts also do support many species of fauna and flora.

Bird Watching
The diversity of birds, among them many endemic species, is equally large. You can see wattled ibis, thick-billed raven, yellow-fronted parrot, Abyssinian long claw and lammergeyer, just to mention a few.

Parks (Wild Life): National Parks: the country has nine national parks and four sanctuaries where most of the 277 species of wild life and more than 850 species of birds can be seen. The simien mountain national park is registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site and is home to three of the endemic mammals. Ras Dashen (Dejen) the highest in Ethiopia and the fourth highest peak in Africa with an elevation of 4620 is also located within the national park. Other national parks include Bale Mountains, Abijatta Shala, Nechi SAR, Mago and Omo, Yangudi Rasa, Gambella and Awash.

Sheikh SOF Omar (SOF Omar Cave)
A 12th C Muslim leader who used SOF Omar Caves as a refugee and the caves remain an important site of pilgrimage for Ethiopian Muslims coming from different parts of the country. The religious significance of SOF Omar caves however can be dated back to the earlier animist religions of the area.

The Great Rift Valley: is home to a wealth of bird and animal and plant life.

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